Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Hello AI-HAILabs.ai is an innovative educational platform that empowers students with AI and data literacy skills. It offers a personalised, adaptive, and practical-oriented self-learning environment, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving abilities while promoting responsible AI use.

Hello AI is designed for students in the 11–15 age group. The platform offers age-appropriate content and activities tailored to meet the specific learning needs of different age groups.

Hello AI empowers your child with essential AI and data literacy skills, preparing them for the future. It offers personalised learning experiences, hands-on projects, and interactive AI tutoring, enhancing their understanding and engagement with STEM subjects. HAILbas.ai certification demonstrates your child's ability to plan, design, and build responsible AI applications; this will come in very handy while securing admission into the best universities.

The learning journey on Hello AI is structured into levels, pathways, and modules. Each module may contain concept videos, flashcards, quizzes, activities, and projects to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Students earn experience points (XP) by completing modules and activities. These points can be redeemed for actual merchandise. To certify a level, students need to complete all modules within that level and progress to the next level.

Yes, all content on Hello AI is reviewed by faculties from University College London, IIT, and IIMB, as well as industry experts from Microsoft, Walmart, Meta, and AWS. This ensures age-appropriateness, educational value, and practical industry relevance. We are STEM certified.

Yes, parents have access to a parent portal where they can track their child's progress, view completed modules, and monitor XP earned. This helps parents stay involved and support their child's learning journey.

Hello AI is committed to limiting screen time for students. Users get a maximum of 2 hours of access to the platform per week to maintain a balanced learning experience.

Yes, we offer a trial period where you can explore the content of Level 1 Pathway 7 for free. This allows you to experience the learning environment and see how Hello AI can benefit your child's education.

Subscriptions can be easily managed through the parent portal. You have full control to cancel or modify the subscription as per your preferences.

We offer flexible payment options, including quarterly and half-yearly plans with more discounts for long-term subscriptions. Stripe, a certified Level 1 Service Provider, securely handles all payment information.

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact our dedicated support team at hello@hailabs.ai. We are always here to support you and your child's learning journey.

Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Hello AI-HAILabs.ai is an exciting educational platform that introduces you to the world of AI and data science. It offers a personalised and adaptive self-learning environment where you can explore AI concepts, engage in hands-on activities, and work on projects to become a responsible AI citizen.

Hello AI's learning journey is organised into levels, pathways, and modules. Each module may contain concept videos, flashcards, quizzes, activities, and projects to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

The learning experience on Hello AI is designed to be interactive and enjoyable. You'll gain practical skills through engaging activities, explore real-world applications of AI, and develop critical thinking abilities.

By completing modules and activities, you earn experience points (XP) that you can later redeem for exciting merchandise. Certify a level by completing all modules within it, and unlock the next level for more learning adventures.

Yes! Hello AI ensures that the content is both challenging and fun, making your learning journey exciting and fulfilling. You'll have the opportunity to apply AI concepts to real-world scenarios, making learning practical and engaging.

Absolutely! Hello AI's self-learning platform allows you to learn at your own pace and explore topics that interest you the most. You have the freedom to choose the learning pathway that suits you best.

Yes, we prioritise your safety and privacy. The platform is designed to be safe and secure for all users. Your data and information are protected, and the content is age-appropriate and reviewed by experts.

Projects and activities on Hello AI are designed to be hands-on and practical. They give you the opportunity to apply AI concepts and skills to solve real-world problems, fostering creativity and innovation.

While Hello AI focuses on self-learning, you can engage with other learners through the projects and activities. Collaborate, share ideas, and learn from your peers in a supportive learning community.

Yes, we offer a trial period where you can explore the content of Level 1 Pathway 7 for free. This allows you to experience the learning environment and see how Hello AI can enhance your AI and data literacy skills.

If you need any assistance or have questions, don't hesitate to ask your personal AI tutor, Joe chatbot! You can also contact the Hello AI support team at hello@hailabs.ai for any technical or learning-related queries.

Frequently Asked Questions for Schools

Hello AI for Schools is an innovative educational platform that introduces AI and data literacy into school curriculums. It provides a comprehensive and adaptive learning environment for students and empowers educators with AI-powered tools and resources.

Hello AI enhances the learning experience by offering personalised learning pathways, hands-on projects, and interactive AI tutoring. It equips students with essential AI and data literacy skills, preparing them for a technology-driven future.

Yes, Hello AI aligns with educational standards and can be seamlessly integrated into your school's existing curriculum. It complements STEM subjects and fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity among students.

Teachers can leverage Hello AI to create engaging home assignments and challenges, interactive activities, and data-driven projects. The platform's AI tutor provides real-time support to students, while the recommendation engine suggests personalised content for each learner.

Hello AI offers age-appropriate content and learning materials for students aged 11–15. From primary to high school, the platform caters to the diverse needs and learning levels of students.

Data privacy and security are of utmost importance to us. Hello AI follows strict data protection protocols and complies with all relevant regulations to safeguard student information.

Yes, parents can monitor their child's progress through a parent portal, which provides insights into their performance, completed modules, and overall engagement with the platform.

Yes, Hello AI offers training workshops and resources for teachers to effectively use the platform in the classroom. We empower educators to integrate AI and data literacy seamlessly into their teaching practises.

Yes, Hello AI offers certification programmes for students who complete specific levels and modules. These certifications validate their proficiency in AI and data literacy, enhancing their academic and career prospects.

Getting started with Hello AI is simple! It takes only 1 hour to get to your school onboarded with Hello AI. No cost, no new infrastructure required! Contact our team at hello@hailabs.ai to explore how our platform can benefit your school and students. We will guide you through the implementation process and provide ongoing support to ensure a successful integration